Public Information is provided on this page to give any manufacturer the basics of how we work to certify QMS programs.

Granting a certification simply follows the basic ISO requirements and is shown below in the Certification Process through the certification decision. The Certification Decision Committee (CDC) operates with an executive staff member, compliance officer to maintain impartiality, and records personnel to make sure any documents are available for a decision. The CDC addresses all the following:

  • Refusing, suspending, revoking, withdrawing, or expanding a certificate. During any appeal or complaint, all the documentation will be made available to the CDC for a decision. An internal CAR will be used to track any of the above until the final resolution.

Transfer an ISO 9001 Certification will be performed in accordance with IAF MD2:2017 requirements. Only valid accredited certification shall be transferred. Certification which is known to be suspended shall not be accepted for transfer. Only certification which is covered by an accreditation of an IAF or Regional MLA signatory at level 3 and where applicable level 4 and 5 shall be eligible for transfer. Organizations holding certification that is not covered by such accreditations shall be treated as new clients.