Who is Seismic Source International?

  • Uniform MFGR Treatment
  • Transparent Fees
  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Communication
  • Technical Specialist
  • Standard Competence
  • Code Participation
  • Highest Credibility
  • Quality Experts
  • Validate Compliance
  • Adds Value
  • IAS Accredited (ISO 17020)

Seismic Source International certifies equipment and devices for seismic and wind applications.



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Seismic Source International is accredited by IAS to certify quality management systems to ISO 9001. We are an ISO 9001 Management System Certification Body.

  • We provide high quality auditors, ensuring compliance and provide quality feedback to maintain the ultimate client satisfaction.
  • Quality of auditors is everything to genuine management systems certification. Everything else is just paperwork.
  • If you are not satisfied with your ISO 9001 experience, call us. We want to help.
  • Seismic Source International ISO 9001 QMS Certification Page

Seismic Source International refers to Petra Seismic Design for engineering, testing, and consulting.

  • Provides seismic testing, test plans and oversight of seismic testing.
  • Prepare Quality Management Systems for Clients that meet ISO 9001.
  • Petra acts totally separate from Seismic Source International to maintain Impartiality
  • PetraSeismicDesign.com