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Vibration Isolation:

This Web site contains simplified calculation applications for rigid equipment. Only subscribers can access the calculation application program for rigid equipment, so *** Subscribe Today ***. Eventhough rigid attachments are used more often (as high as 90%), there are still many vibration isolation applications.

Calculations for vibration isolated equipment (equipment on springs) require more complex calculations and is vendor specific because of the restraint geometry. For your application, please contact one of manufacture representatives (links provided below).

Vibration Isolation and Seismic Control Mfgr's Association (VISCMA) Members

Restrained Spring Applications

Restrained Spring Application: Vibration isolated equipment is suseptable to failure if the appropriate restrained spring or open spring with snubbers are used to isolate the equipment. The Seismic Source Company have completed some dynamic analysis to show the failure of using open springs without any restraining devices. Most industry professionals know that open springs do not have the strength to hold up under horizontal forces. But our analysis show that the response of the spring/mass is a major contributing cause.

Open Springs with Snubbers

Open Spring with snubbers Application: Open spring with snubbers is another typical installation configuration rated for seismic applications. This configuration is a good retrofit application for existing equipment that was installed with open springs. Snubbers are designed to be installed after the equipment is installed and leveling complete. The restrained springs, open springs, and snubbers can attached to almost any building structure.

Attachment to the Building structure

Attachment to the building structure: Attachment to the building structure is accomodated by the construction of the seismic devices. So contact the vibration isolation manufacturers listed on this web page. They can provide a full service for all your needs.