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Metal Framing (strut) has many applications for rigidly restraining equipment and can be used for seismic applications. Versatility is its main attribute and with the assortment of brackets, supports can be erected in almost any configuration. Pipe fitters and electricians predominatly use strut. Sheetmetal contractors use angle because its available on the job site, but may find the details provided to our subscribers helpful so *** Subscribe Today ***

Metal Framing Manufacture's Association (MFMA) Members

How are Strut Systems Applied

Application: Strut systems can be applied in almost any configuration and for almost any application. The figure to the right is one example of a strut hanger with longitudinal and transverse bracing. The callout of the 45 degree angle +/- 15 degrees is for angle and not for strut. Most strut manufacturers have preapproved manuals for support systems with seismic bracing. Their manuals usually limit the angle to 45 degress maximum. Also note that the bracket calls for a 1/2" bolt. This is the typical size that is stocked by strut manufacturers. Other sizes are always available, but they are probably special order and cost more. We at the Siesmic Source Company try to reduce the cost of the installations in every aspect of the job.