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Shake Table Testing

Shake Table Testing: Building codes such as the IBC 2000 and ASCE 7-02 requires that components deemed to be necessary for the continued operation of an "essential" facility, or contain hazardous materials shall be qualified to better assure their operation. Many building owners are also interested in verification that equipment in their facilities will survive an earthquake to minimize business disruption and potential significant financial losses. Seismic calculations can be performed for very simple devices (i.e. butterfly dampers) but testing on a shake table to simulate earthquake motions is one of the most cost effective methods to verify equipment that may be able to function following a seismic event. Subscribers have access to sample specifications and a technical bulletin to help engineers understand the shake table test, so *** Subscribe Today ***

Building Walkdown Program

Building Walkdown Program: Subscribers have access to walkdown checklists to evaluate existing equipment. These checklists allow the specialists to evaluate the installation for anchorage, internal structural integrity, and system interaction. But these checklists do not prove operability. The nuclear power plants have developed a program to evaluate existing equipment for operability, but this program is not recommended for new equipment even at the nuclear power plants. In order to be practical, the Seismic Source Company cannot guarentee operability by performing a walkdown. Shake Table testing is the only method to have a high confidence that equipment will be operable during or after an earthquake.

Terminology for rating equipment

Terminology for rating equipment: Definitions are available on the site in the definitions page. But we at the Seismic Source Company are trying to help the industry define the project requirements. Engineers and contractors can help building owners identify the project requirements using the following terms:

Seismically Anchored: The equipment is seismically anchored to the building structure.

Seismically Rated: In addition to the equipment seismically anchored to the building structure, the internal structure is evaluated. Also the System interaction with other components in the vacinity of the installation and how the equipment performs its intent function in relation to other system components are evaluated.

Operable: The equipment is shake table tested and evaluated to the "Seismically Rated" requirements. Contact the shake table testing companies listed below for performing all your testing requirements.

Shake Table Testing Laboratories