Who is Seismic Source International?

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January 21, 2021 - You are visiting this Web site, thank you. Please Contact Us if you have any suggestions to improve our site. But most of your questions may be answered in technical bulletins or many of the products available to subscribers.

April 7, 2009 - Seismic Source Company received notification that IAS has provided accreditation for an IB #AA-718 in support of the listing service.

June, 2008 - Seismic Source Company completed the software development for the listing service and creation of the certificates of compliance.

March, 2008 - Seismic Source Company completed the development for training installers of seismic restraint devices.

August, 2007 - Seismic Source Company updated the 2 day professional development seminar for the IBC 2006.

August, 2006 - Seismic Source Company completed a major update to the calculation tools. But the BETA testing is still showing issues. This version will not be released until it is ready. Plus this version is going to be updated so that the output is only one page. This will be a tremendous improvement to the implementation of the calculations.

January, 2005 - Seismic Source Company completed the development of the 2 day professional development seminar for the IBC 2003.

January, 2004 - Seismic Source Company attends the AHR show for the first time. We are going forward with our Web site making it available to contractors and engineers visiting the show. Come and visit us at Booth 8414 to see our products available to subscribers and meet our staff.

January, 2004 - ASHRAE's Semi-Annual Meeting in Anaheim will have several short courses available. One of the courses is specifically on Seismic Restraint Design. Our founder has been the instructor for this short course and developed the course specifically for making this world a safer place with reduced risks and damage caused by earthquakes. The first course was presented at the 1999 annual meeting in Seattle.