Who is Seismic Source International?

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  • IAS Accredited (ISO 17020)

List of Certified Equipment and Devices


Manufacturer Product Subcategory Model Master Spec No. Certification No. Expiration Comments
ChillicothyElectrical and Mechanical Enclosure PackageEnclosureCustom Seismic Enclosure263200, 263213CH01-COC-1601,R27/15/2019SSI Listed
Mason IndustriesBearing PadsRubber PadsBearing Pads134813, 230548, 348213MI01-01,R0410/1/2019SSI Listed
NailorVAVSingle DuctSeries 3000, 3200233616NI01-COC-1701,R22/12/2020SSI Listed
Prichaed BrownEnvironmental Enclosure PackageElectrical and Mechanical EnclosureCustom Seismic Enclosure263200, 263213PB01-SC-017/15/2019SSI Listed


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