Seismic Source International certification has a process for granting, refusing, maintaining of certification, renewing, suspending, restoring, or withdrawing of certification.

Granting and maintaining a certification follows the QMS Certification Process.

QMS Certification Decision

  • SSI reviews the documented information supporting the certification decision for technical content, reports, procedural conformance, and audit team’s recommendation.
  • Approval of the Certification is based on SSI certification process conformance and compliance to applicable standard(s) requirements.

QMS Certification Date and Renewal

  • When the Certification Decision is approved the certificate is Issued, a three-year cycle begins with certification decision date. Annual surveillances are required before the anniversary of the certification decision date.

QMS Certification Reduction of Scope

  • SSI may reduce the client’s scope of certification.

QMS Certification Expansion of Scope

  • Scopes of certification for existing certifications can be expanded.

QMS Certification Suspension

  • A certification may be suspended any time if the client’s management system cannot be verified or not being effectively maintained. Certification may be suspended in cases when a client fails to meet its obligations defined in the contract.
  • Under suspension, the client’s management system certification is temporarily invalid.
  • Certification can be restored in accordance with ISO 17021-1. Certifications may only be restored within six months of certificate expiration or suspension. A renewal audit must be performed before prior to certificate expiration.

QMS Certification Withdrawal

  • A management system certification may be withdrawn when a client’s management system demonstrates significant nonconformance(s) with SSI certification process and/or to address and correct nonconformance(s).
  • The client may voluntarily withdrawal the QMS certification.
  • The client may appeal the withdrawal notification as defined in the SSI appeals process.

QMS Certification Refusal

  • SSI reserves the right to refuse certification. All refusals will be documented.

QMS Certification Complaints and Appeals