Seismic Source International certification body shall provide the process for granting, refusing, maintaining of certification, renewing, suspending, restoring, or withdrawing of certification. Process for expanding or reducing scope of certification,

Granting and maintaining a certification follows the certification process (Link to Certification Process flow chart). Refusing a certification is where the client does not complete corrective actions identified in the certification process in allowed time frame or where the company is not compatible with SSI experience.

A certification may be suspended by missing deadlines defined in the certification process and restored by completing any outstanding items.

Seismic Source International has procedures for appeals and complaints. Clients can initiate these by a simple phone call or email.

The client may independently withdrawal the certification.

Any changes to the scope (reduced or expanded) must be communicated to SSI. Expanding the scope may require only an additional audit or may require starting from step one of the certification process based on the extent of the expansion in scope. SSI will notify the client on the requirements for the expansion.