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Certified Seismic Qualification Agencies

The building codes and/or code officials now require some equipment to be qualified and certified for seismic and wind applications. There is a difference in qualification and certification (See Certification White Paper). Manufacturers can provide seismic qualification documentation to listing services for certification. But there are agencies that provide a consultation service to help manufacturers get their equipment qualified. These agencies that do qualifications need to have a quality program associated with the qualification. ISO 9001 provides flexibility to be applied to these agencies and require a third party oversight to ensure their quality programs conform to ISO 9001.

Seismic Source International recognized the need to provide a certification program for seismic qualification agencies. There is no ISO standard similar to ISO 17020 or ISO Guide 65 that provides an accreditation program for this type of service, so a certification by an accredited Inspection Body is appropriate.

Seismic Source International (SSI) listing Program:

  • SSI provides third party guidance, inspections, and oversight of quality programs.
  • Our reputation is to provide competence, independence, impartial, with integrity.
  • SSI maintains an Inspection Body Accreditation from the International Accreditation Service (IAS).
  • Our Inspection program is performed with rigor to serve all clients equally.
  • The Inspection Body program is in full conformance with ISO 17020.
  • Quality programs are reviewed to ISO 9001.
  • SSI performs annual on-site inspection to review quality programs and check to ensure the quality processes are implemented.

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Agencies are evaluated to ISO 9001 and have a quality program to perform analysis for seismic and wind or to oversee testing of equipment for seismic applications.

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