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ISO 9001 Factory Inspections

ISO 9001 in the past and future: ISO 9000 was once a sought after registration for manufacturers to show they can make quality products. But engineers and building officials never really accepted the concept in specifications or in codes and ISO registration diminished. There is no required reason to implement an ISO 9001 quality program. But today there is a new urgency to implement quality programs.

ISO 9001 is the future for manufacturers to be competitive. Quality programs fully implemented improve productivity by reducing errors in the manufacturing process resulting in increased revenue. Costs are saved by minimize rework, reduction of field installation problems, and improved product reliability. ISO 9001 registration is just what your company may need to re-establish old clients.

Seismic Source International (SSI) has an ISO 9001 Registration Program.

  • SSI provides third party guidance, inspections, and oversight of quality programs.
  • Our reputation is to provide competence, independence, impartial, with integrity.
  • Our Inspection program is performed with rigor to serve all clients equally.
  • The Inspection Body program is in full conformance with ISO 9001.

SSI performs one annual on-site inspection to review quality programs and check to ensure the quality processes are implemented. The manufacturer is required to complete an internal audit (may be third party) six months after the annual inspection. The audit report shall be submitted to SSI for review.

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